Tuesday, 20 April 2010

the sky crazy blue II

The last five days
I have laid on my back
staring up into an ocean of blue
on castle mound
with the
filling my vision

I lay there for hours
something about the blue that day intrigued me - made me feel I couldn't leave.

I hadn't yet seen the news.
I didn't know there were NO planes in the sky!
The lack of little glinting specs zipping across my view, leaving their trails kissing -
that complete, deep, real, open, virgin sky captivated me

Since I read the news I feel like I'm living in a once-in-a-lifetime-moment
Never before in my life have there not been planes in the sky
I have dreamed my way through a thousand stresses since Thursday by reminding myself the sky is empty.
gloriously empty.
do you think it's happy?
do you think it knows what's going on?!

Imagine there being NO cars on the road - never gonna happen.
No planes in the sky? happened!!

(some websites are saying it's gonna last maybe up to 12 more days, that it has already had 6 times the economic impact of 9/11 and that the back log will have implications for at least a year, let alone loads of small airlines going bust and people all over the world being forced on adventures they hadn't planned! As I read these stories i kinda got carried away and thought 'people are never gonna fly again!' and then I read something that said if it doesn't go soon the world's airspace will just have to be re-organised so we fly round the ash cloud - for example London - Moscow would become a long haul flight of 16hours via North Africa, instead of the 7 or so hours it should be!!!! I love that idea: 'i'm just gonna catch a quick flight New York VIA SOUTH AFRICA AND MEXICO! lol. then flying really will be only for the wealthy ... and the very patient!

this volcano story has got my brain whirring in so many different directions. mmmm


caitlin said...

supposedly last time it erupted in 1821 the cloud lasted for TWO YEARS

Love Of Fashion said...

i'm glad i'm not over there! it would be awful!! love your blog!