Thursday, 8 September 2011

p a c i f i c o c e a n

The Moon
unidentifiable at first
thought it was the sun
until I saw the faint shadow of a rabbit

so low and so on the horizon of another night
above the ocean
the constellations of trawlers and cruise ships mapped below mirrored the stars above

so bright
a whole universe of existence out across the water
and a flight load of travellers oblivious
shutters down, headphones in, screens glowing

I watched
out of my secretly raised window
the moon melt into a horizon that I couldn't define
like a knob of butter
like a bubble before it bursts
like a Tuscan bean dissolving



and when I thought there was nothing left it would glow again, giving form
the pool of soft yellow light streak across one corner of that amazing world
from my tiny tiny window looking out on it all

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