Sunday, 26 June 2011

From the train

From the train today
under a peerless sky
I saw the world

Lovers rolled towards each other on quiet greens of unexpectedly empty golf courses

Little boys in shady fishing spots full of excitement

Lilies burning flames of colour on brown ponds

Tall grasses waving softly under the fierce sun, creating their own breeze, their own tranquility

A woman on a boat wearing a bright blue string bikini that clung to her bronzed wet buttocks, preparing for her next dive

A group of youths on BMXs meandering down a quiet road, their youth full of lazy hope

Everything brought into focus by the fearless sun, life scorched to a slower pace under the glare.

Everyone moving through the heat with an added serenity, as they've been accustomed to do for centuries in the deep south.

And the tarmac simmering gently, the lilacs wilting, as I step from the air conditioned carriage and feel the hot air wrap me back to reality in a sweat of discomfort and the plane - single blemish in 10,000 acres of perfect blue - that will one day
take me away from it all

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