Friday, 18 June 2010


Tommy told me what happened
I really screwed up mum
Ok you made some mistakes
That’s an understatement
Who are you that you think you’re so important and superhuman that you’re the only one who could have saved the company??
But I didn’t save it did I? so...
Look, I know how badly you feel,
But you pushed me away, you pushed Tommy and Kevin away
It’s like you have to suffer alone
Like your disappointment is so much worse than ours
It’s not disappointment.
It’s shame.
I failed.
I’m just trying to work out how I live with it
oh sweetheart
Sweetheart, I know what failure is, but as hard as it is I think you have to lean into those feelings
You haven’t had much failure in your life Sarah
It takes practice to get good at it
It hurts like holy hell
but it’s important.
It’s the door that will lead you to your future
I just don’t know how to do that

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