Friday, 10 October 2008


I have sat in front of this shimmering panel for a week.
Uncountable shades of gold to yellow green shearing over each other. darted discs of lime tree leaf sparkling in the clear cambridge sun. dappling my face and body. dark branch shards splintering across the pane of glass and growing as the leaves fall and the light dapples less.

The leaves fell like snow flakes today
the top branches are bare, black fronds reaching out into the white
like capillaries.
With just a few browning jewels caught in their web.
delicately fluttering and then detaching themselves and wafting away sawing across the invisible planes of air that push them higher before one floats down to my window.
one of a hundred thousand.
the carpet thickening below.

1 comment:

caitlin said...

I'm looking out of my window now at exactly what you describe. How weird that I've been watching the leaves fall this week too. For some reason they make me think of letters being posted from the tree to the ground.