Monday, 12 May 2008

sheets of glass

I close my eyes.
And my thoughts float out across the horizon.
expand into the potential.

lying akimbo across the unmade duvet and some of my clothes
and some library books my foot suddenly jerks.
I was about to fall
when your ankle goes sideways and it's always painful to walk afterwards.

If I had fallen while lying there in bed would it have really hurt?
I never fall.
but i think it would hurt if I did
otherwise why does the balloon of nothing inflated inside my head until it's pressing at the sides safely jerk me away?
but not awake.

You'd never know.
A flicker under my closed eyelids maybe
but otherwise it's just a random jerk...

and I continue on the calm, curved water
endless and untouchable
empty and beautiful
lying on my bed.

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